Expert education and leadership consultancy delivering world class programs across the globe.

We are highly experienced specialists, with over 100 years of thought leadership and implementation.

Our expertise means we specialise in:

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Curriculum design
  • National education transformation, including alignment to the UN SDGs
  • Teacher development and training
  • Education technology impact and development

Our aims

Education innovation and development of society

The ways we educate our young people has to change as fast as society does so it is relevant and meets the needs of the individual and society. We always look to find new ways to improve education.

Education Progression founded on clarity and data

We strongly believe that decision making needs to be based on accurate and up to date data. We always work to ensure decisions made are clear, understandable and can be turned into action.

Facilitation of Equitable access to education

Education can only succeed if it is accessible to all. All the programs we have run have been built on this core belief.

What we do


Provide diagnostic consultancy for governments, institutions and educational providers.

Provide workable plans for all levels of education, from schools to national policy.

Plan and deliver leadership, professional development and education transformation training.

Evaluate and design educator PD and student outcome focussed programs.

Introducing PerformEd™

“Promoting and Capturing Behavioural Change – the world’s first Point of Learning platform”

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