About Us

Who we work with

Large scale education providers and national systems


NGOs and funding agencies

Corporate partners

UK education providers

Academy Trusts

UK education companies

Private education providers

International education providers


Education technology companies

International organisations seeking educational expertise

Who we have worked with

  • 50+ governments, policy makers and educational leaders.
  • School and college leaders and teachers in 70+ countries.
  • Developed educational content for Microsoft, Cisco, British Airways, British Council, The World Bank, UNESCO, UNICEF.
  • Conceptualised, planned and delivered the biggest teacher CPD programme in the world for the Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • Engaged and used leading international thought leaders and contributed to all the leading education conferences and policy forums. Such as WISE, EWF, World DIDAC and many more.

Our aims

Education innovation and development of society

The ways we educate our young people has to change as fast as society does so it relevant and meets the needs of the individual and society. We always look to find new ways to improve education.

Education Progression founded on clarity and data

We strongly believe that decision making needs to be based on accurate and up to date data. We always work to ensure decisions made are clear, understandable and can be turned into action.

Facilitation of Equitable access to education

Education can only succeed if it accessible to all. All the programs we have run have been built on this core belief.

Our values

values image


New and innovative ideas are the future. We identify them and make them a reality.


Bringing together the right people at the right time to maximise success.


Everything at the highest standard and with a moral purpose.


Ensuring progress is shared globally.