Engaging With and Retaining Customers – Turning Edtech into Pedtech

Jan 12, 2024 | News

All edtech companies work hard to create and develop tools and resources that help teachers teach and learners learn. This often involves finding ways in which the administrative load on teachers can be reduced whilst enhancing the learning experience of students. What many find hard is engaging with educators at a teaching and learning level, and working with them to ensure their solutions are continually used in the classroom and beyond. Not as an ‘add on’, but an essential pedagogical tool which bridges the gap between ‘fancy piece of kit’ to impactful, easy to use, time reducing, and engaging tool, so that usage is embedded in everyday practice and become a necessity, not a nicety. A long-term relationship with educators becomes a more successful and fruitful one.

When this occurs, purchasing becomes continual and not a one-off occurrence. It also encourages and creates a community of users who can share their good practice and expertise, thus making an edtech solution, truly a pedtech one.

Imagine Education have designed, developed and implemented world-leading educator support programmes and have the expertise to enable edtech companies to truly become pedtech partners with educators and learners. From creating and successfully implementing a teacher behavioural platform that was adopted by a government for their national programme engaging over 800,000 teachers, consulting for global donors in their delivery and ed-transformation edtech programmes, or supporting global tech companies in their teacher engagement programmes, Imagine Education have the pedigree you need to ensure your solution success is maximised.

Recognising Imagine Education’s impact, the World Bank, GPE and HundrEd stated our approach to be ‘Highly impactful, and highly scalable empowering teachers with a model that is flexible and adapts to the context’.  Imagine Education was selected as one of the global top 10 methodologies for changing the way in which innovations are applied in the classroom setting.

Be that face to face, remote, online or a combination of these, we can make you a more trusted, long-term partner to your education and training customers.

To find out more and discuss your aspirations and requirements, contact david@imagine.education.